Why weight loss? Why now?

The first question one has to ask is why do you want to lose weight? For some it is a question of aesthetics – “feeling and looking good”. For others it’s a question of health. They are already beginning to suffer or are worried about what obesity will do for their health, including their risk of diabetes, heart attack and disability.

How do we approach weight loss?

One of the quickest responses we sometimes hear is, one, I’ll just have surgery. There is something called bariatric surgery which is interesting because it has been shown that once patients undergo this complex surgery they do actually reduce risk factors. What is not obvious to most patients when they hear about weight loss surgery is they actually have to lose quite a bit of weight (which sometimes includes liquid diets) even before having surgery. Then there is the risk of anesthesia and the surgery recovery itself. Once they have passed that point then they really have to observe weight management, especially in the cases of banding procedures, such as Lap Band. So it’s really not a walk in the park and most patients really don’t avoid having to get involved in a weight management program that looks not just as exercise, but actual diet and metabolism. Other patients are turning to commercial programs which are everywhere. They are advertised on television, the internet and newspaper. This is a big industry where heavy marketing and long term benefits have never consistently been shown scientifically.  The big problem is in the financial and emotional commitment that staying with these very rigid programs involves. Secondly, true weight loss literature considers success with weight management programs over two years, which has never been shown with these commercial programs. So the bottom line is, a lot of people end up failing with these programs after having committed quite a bit of time, expense and disappointment.

What is the right way to approach weight management?

The Body Hormone Balance system is basically divided into two programs. One involves rapid weight loss that is safe and effective because of the close monitoring that is done. The other, very popular program is the standard, all inclusive, weight management program where patients are followed weekly as well. With rapid weight loss, patients can lose up to thirty to forty pounds in a month. In the standard program patients lose three to four pounds a week and will probably eventually get similar results as the rapid weight loss program, just more gradually.

Why do people choose one over the other?

For some patients they really do want to follow a specialized diet. They want to avoid weight loss pills and they are looking to recontour their middle starting in the upper thigh, buttock and belly region, which responds very well with rapid weight loss with pharmaceutical hcg. For other patients, they want more choices in their foods and this flexibility allows them to drop weight more gradually with the use of herbal or weight loss medications. In both programs, patients receive lipotropics, which are cholesterol and fat detoxifiers that also boost energy and help patients follow the recommendations for increasing their metabolism. So you see, there are choices, it’s just a question of which program is more appealing to a patient’s lifestyle and needs.

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The bottom line is that the all inclusive nature of the Body Hormone Balance systems makes certain that there is weekly monitoring by a physician and the weight loss is safe and effective. This also allows the physician to identify problems early on that may prevent an individual from reaching desired weight loss goals in the most optimal period of time.

The reason that many patients enjoy and continue with Body Hormone Balance programs is the relapse prevention – maintenance aspect of its approach. In other words, it’s one thing to drop the fat, it’s another to maintain muscle and take over your own metabolism. The feedback that Body Hormone Balance has received from its patients has allowed us to custom design our programs for individual needs. We look forward to getting you started now and helping you on your path to health and wellness.

Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

Clients that come to Body Hormone Balance’s Center are experiencing life changing transformations. Clients come to us for the Simple Certainty that they are completing a program individualized to meet their hormonal and metabolic needs.