How many times have you every wondered about why you are feeling tired, why you’ve lost your edge, and have trouble with your weight? Now, you no longer have to wonder because there is a way that not only uncovers the reason but offers you a solution – Micronutrient Testing.

Is it a blood test? It should be simple right? Wrong. When you normally go to a doctor they test your blood and it shows only what is happening with your body right then. Micronutrient Testing goes beyond the current, it looks back at what has been going on with your body for the past 6 months.  It will tell you about the deficiencies in your body and you will no longer have to guess at what supplements you need to take. You will know exactly how much Vitamin B, D, etc. you should be taking and what your body needs so you will feel great, have the energy and focus of a teenager.  Your mate will love you for the rekindled romance and sexual vitality you will experience.

Ever wonder what it would be like to feel great every day? Think about the possibilities: Thinking straight, feeling great, losing weight, pleasing your mate. You never dreamed you would look this good by the time your little girl was all grown up.  There’s a completely different approach to giving people back their youth—it’s called Body Hormone Balance: an all inclusive physician supervised program individualized to your hormones and metabolism.  Call now 903-794-6962 to see if you qualify for our risk free hormonal screening.

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Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

Clients that come to Body Hormone Balance’s Center are experiencing life changing transformations. They had what they thought were medical conditions that were really hormonal imbalances, nutritional and metabolic disorders. Clients come to us for the Simple Certainty that they are completing a program individualized to meet their hormonal and metabolic needs.