How they laughed when I told them about a breakthrough concept for keeping people healthy…That’s right, fellow doctor colleagues laughed about a concept that had already taken a more essential look at why people lack energy, sexual vitality and weight control.

It all started years ago after I noticed I was having trouble sleeping after 6 years of delivering babies around the clock (I’m an Obstetrician). I took a hard long look at sleep trouble which I was experiencing in the same way as my patients had described it to me for many years. At that time because of a full office and surgery schedule, I decided to give up obstetrics…but even after taking a break, my sleep was going nowhere.

WOW… everything that I had learned from the pharmaceutical companies and textbooks made absolutely NO sense. Everything including treatment with sedatives and sleep-aids was JUST NOT GOING TO WORK.

So, I turned to the basics… In other words when I was a student and didn’t understand a concept, my professors required that I go back and understand the basics. This way I would explain to them why a certain approach would work. And boy, was this an eye-opener…

Everything that I found in the literature was pharmaceutical company sponsored. All the medication I was taught to prescribe had both short term success and poor long term benefits because of multiple side effects.

My interest and expertise in hormones had already made a difference for a number of patients who did not respond to typical conventional BAND AID approaches to symptoms.

In other words, sometimes in medicine we treat the symptoms because it’s easier than getting to the root of the problems. Well, that’s really what I needed to do; GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.  Complete this web form and my staff will mail you Secret #1 for Unleashing Your Fountain of Youth!


Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

Clients that come to Body Hormone Balance’s Center located in Texarkana, Texas are experiencing life changing transformations. They had what they thought were medical conditions that were really hormonal imbalances, nutritional and metabolic disorders. Clients come to us for the Simple Certainty that they are completing a program individualized to meet their hormonal and metabolic needs.