Healthy Hormone Balance

Attaining your proper weight and maintaining yourself there requires that you achieve a healthy Hormonal Balance. Until your hormones are working properly, your body (and your life) can’t work properly.

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hCG Rapid Weight Loss

Another exciting development in scientific weight loss is the hCG Diet. And we can customize this diet to fit your needs perfectly.

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Sustainable Weight Loss

The trick is rarely in losing weight. The challenge is to keep it off. For good. Our programs are designed to make you successful in not only getting to the weight you wish to be, but also maintaining yourself there.

Hormone Pellet Therapy

The use of Hormone Pellets is one of the most exciting and revolutionary solutions to proper hormonal balance and sustainable weight-loss. Our programs for Hormone Pellet Therapy are customized to your precise body chemistry to ensure the safest and most effective results.
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hot & sexy secrets

How To Lose All the Weight You Need to Lose Safely, Effectively, Forever
(And How to Do It Easily, Without Having to Rely On Will Power)
It is not that we fail to manage our weight. Truth is, we fail in managing ourselves. But weight problems aren’t really weight problems at all. Our weight problems are really health problems — which are in turn the result of all the things we have done in our lives that have thrown our health out of whack. That’s where you will always find the problem. That’s also (and here’s the good news) where you will always find the solution.
  • But what happens when you look up one day and find that your weight problems and your health problems have become one and the same, and you can’t tell the one from the other anymore?
  • What happens when your weight problem consumes your life, or worse, when it is your life?
  • When you’ve tried dieting (how many times now?) — only to find, over and over again, that it never works, never sticks? …
  • When you’ve tried just about starving yourself — only to find yourself right back where you started (or even heavier than before)? …
  • When you’ve tried Weight-Watchers and Jenny Craig and six different low-carb celebrity diets you’ve seen hyped on talk shows — only to find yourself still wearing the same clothes, still uncomfortable whenever you have to squeeze into a chair or seat on a plane too small for you, still sore in your back, still sore on your legs after standing or walking too long, still embarrassed and too often painfully aware of how you look, how tight your close are in places you wish they weren’t so tight, how you are sitting, how people are looking at you (and convinced they are always looking at you, though not in the way you wish they might be looking at you)? …
  • When you’ve tried injections and medications and supplements and thyroid pills and intravenous treatments and (Lord help us) lap bands and whatever else one of your friends so helpfully if delicately recommended after hearing about “someone who tried that and wow!” … But where you sure didn’t feel very “wow” when you tried it, and your scale still read the same as it always had, although your wallet felt a good deal lighter, that’s for sure.

Too often we try something — anything, everything — and it still doesn’t work. But why is that? Or better question: Why does it work for some people (or seems to anyhow), but it doesn’t work for you?

Here’s the weight loss secret no one has been telling you …

Fact is, until you get your health right, your weight is never going to be right, no matter what diet you try, no matter what fad the magazines at the supermarket are raving about this month. And until you get your health right, you are going to have a miserable time trying to change your habits anyhow.

How often has this happened to you? You jump into some new (or old) way of losing weight, you’re all excited about it, you really think you’re giving it your all … But then it just sort of slips away … You start to feel worse and worse about your weight, and you just feel tired and worn out too much of the time … And then, before you know it, you’re right back where you started. But it’s worse. After having it all fall through once again, you feel like a failure. Which only makes you even less interested in (even less capable of) getting back on track again. And so you don’t.

This is the real reason we are so unhealthy as a nation. This is the real reason obesity is the problem it is today. We’re so unhealthy, we give up before we can get healthy enough to hold our course and see real progress. And when it feels hopeless, it might as well be hopeless. We throw in the towel before we get anywhere.

But what if all that changed? What if it didn’t have to be so hard?

When you are angry at yourself, and frustrated with yourself, and always disappointed in yourself — how much progress can you really hope to make? And being angry at yourself isn’t getting you anywhere. Here’s the truth of the matter: You are never going to make consistent progress toward sustainable weight loss until you get your body right. What you need to know (and what no one tells you) is that getting your body right can happen not as a result of, but as a precursor to losing the weight causing you so much discomfort and unhappiness. Think about this.

  • What if you could radically transform the health of your body — specifically the way your body works, its metabolism, its hormonal balance — and in essence reprogram the way your body deals with burning fat?
  • What if you could retool the way your body chemistry works with your blood sugar, with your energy levels, with your ability to control weight and manage cravings and hunger?
  • What if you could get that stuff right up front? How much easier would this entire puzzle be if your body was working with you rather than against you?

Losing Weight Can Be EASY — But Only When? You Put Your Hormones to Work For You In Making It Easy?

My name is Dr. Moricz, and I have devoted my career to confronting and overcoming the problems and challenges of women’s health. Every day at my practice in Palm beach, floida, I work with women who have been fighting weight problems their whole lives. I work with women who struggle with their energy and vitality, sometimes even their ability to get themselves out of bed in the morning. I work with women who have had challenges with their health for years. In virtually every case I see, however, what I find is that the real problem is so often a fundamental underlying issue of hormonal balance. When your hormones aren’t working properly, your body isn’t working properly. And until you get that problem resolved, your body chemistry is never going to support the effort you are putting into getting healthy, regaining your energy, losing weight and keeping it off for good. Far too often I see women whose health and weight problems have substantially affected their relationships, their ability to romance their partners, even, in many instances, their ability to form romantic relationships at all.

But this is all something that can be corrected. We can change all of that. But not through will-power. Not even through simply changing our diet. Because again, changing your diet only really works when your body has changed first. In correcting the hormonal problems throwing you out of balance, we can put your body chemistry and your metabolism where they need to be in order for the change in diet to actually create sustainable results. If you have been struggling with your health and with weight problems for years, and nothing has ever helped before — this approach can (and should) help you. Call us or use our short contact form to arrange a free, private consultation. This could be the one turning point that changes everything for you. Stop struggling with your weight. Stop struggling against your own body. Let’s put your body where it needs to be so that you can lose weight faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined possible.
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